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Paving a career in accountancy

Accountancy professionals are always in demand, so if you've got a good head for numbers and a sharp mind, this is one sector that's certainly worth considering. Accountant jobs vary enormously, depending on your level of qualification and experience. You can enter as a graduate or trainee accountant with little or no formal qualifications or you can study for specific accountancy exams and take a fast-track to the top jobs.

Finding admin work

If you love organising and have great attention to detail, then you might just be perfect for one of the many admin jobs out there. Administration is not just about filing and diary management, however. You could be relied on by many to ensure the smooth running of a team or business, so you need to have lots of common sense, good interpersonal skills and heaps of energy and creativity. If you enjoy throwing parties, creating recipes, de-cluttering or spotting errors in others’ work, then you are probably going to make a great administrator!

How to get into advertising

Working in the advertising industry has a reputation for glitz and glamour, but the reality is that it is usually a competitive environment, with long hours, tight deadlines and lots of multi-tasking required! That said, if you’re creative, energetic and driven and always up for a challenge, then you’ll probably thrive in the cut-throat – but hugely fun - world of advertising. Read more.

Working with children as a childcarer

If you have passion, enthusiasm, and enjoy working with very young children (birth to five years old), this could be the career for you. Childcare jobs can be incredibly rewarding and those who enter the sector can expect a long and successful career in shaping the lives of future generations.

Employment as a care worker

Care workers help a variety of people, including the sick, young people in care, people with mental or physical disabilities and the elderly. They will usually work as part of a wider team, which includes doctors and therapists.

Working in the building and construction industry

Construction jobs encompass a wide range of work, from everyday construction related activities such as bricklaying, roofing, installing doors and windows and fitting floors through to the creation of major new structures, such as office blocks, stadiums and tourist attractions.

Start a career in the catering & hospitality industry

Catering jobs are all about providing the public with their most basic requirements – food and drink! Whether you’re working at cooking and preparing food, or serving it, catering is a fast-paced, often hectic world and you’ll be on your feet most of the time, so bags of energy and stamina will stand you in good stead.

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